About ♡"My Plan"

Show planner is available to bookmark exhibitors and products checked on the Exhibitor Directory.

"My Plan" allows you to bookmark exhibitors you wish to visit for an efficient visit inside the show venue.

How to add exhibitors/products from Exhibitor Directory to your "My Plan"

Click "Add to Plan" in each exhibitor/product and add it to your "My Plan".

*Please click here to see what you have checked on your computer on another device such as a smartphone.

1)  Click "Add to Plan"

2) It will be added to your ♡ "My Plan" at the header.

*The number indicates the number of favorites being saved

3) Clicking ”♡” enables to see the list you have added to your "My Plan"

Notes (regarding data transfer to different browsers and devices)

Data saved in "My Plan" can only be viewed on the same browser and device.
You can "Copy Link" or "Download PDF" to send link/PDF to another browser or device to view your "My Plan".

*Even if you bookmark your favorites to "My Plan" on your computer in advance,
they will not be automatically reflected on your smartphone used at the exhibition venue.

Please follow the procedure below.

How to check a saved "My Plan" on another device

#1: Copy the link and send it to another device

#2: Download as PDF and bring it with you

*Only the exhibitor name and booth number will be reflected in the downloaded PDF.

Use "My Plan" for your efficient visits and business meetings!